Friday, 23 April 2010


Now, I'm a massive fan of public libraries. I feel it's an amazing privilege to have a service whereby we can borrow books for free. We can educate ourselves for free. We can entertain ourselves for free. We can try before we buy. What's not to like?

TO the end of furthering the cause of public libraries I decided not to put an online seller link in under any of the books we mention as I'd much rather people borrowed the books from their library. If we don't use these services then Councils will take them away - so use your public libraries people, they're great. And free. And warm. And did I mention they're free?

Now, if I love libraries so much then why, you may ask, do we have so many unread books on our shelves? That is a valid question my friend, and one which I believe I can answer. We (well, definitely me) are idiots. We buy new books, second hand books, we are given books, books multiply under our very eyes. And I still have the maximum number of books i can from the library each week. So, if you don't buy loads of new books at once, then hopefully you won't have to follow in our footsteps and be forced to write a blog about your reading habits in order to force yourself to read everything you own!

That is all.

Love TAC x