Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Cheating and Eclipse

I must confess to some cheating as I've been reading the first two Poldark novels which I borrowed from my local library (use your libraries kids or they'll be gone tomorrow!) and they are great fun and highly recommended. However I don't own them so I can't talk about them. What I can talk about is Eclipse the third (and I thought final but apparently not) part of Stephanie Meyer's paranormal romance the Twilight Saga. These books get slated a lot though I doubt Meyers cares as they've made her a fortune. I like them generally but they're not in the least sophisticated - I get the impression that they're aimed at kids as Meyers doesn't seem able to engage in a higher level than that of an angsty teen. And I challenge anyone to not want to punch Bella in the face were she real. Her main problem is which hunky supernatural being she should spend eternity with, and boy does she whine about it. I was hoping someone would mercifully finish her off so the plot would just get going again. But she survives, as usual, and through no fault of her own. The book was okay, it shouldn't win anything (and I hope it hadn't) but it helped while away some lunch breaks and was thick enough to wedge open a door when needed. Result! And to you doubters who think I've been making up genres, I've been reliably informed that paranormal romance is a genuine genre so there.

AC x

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